North Texas Llamas-Nature's Own Brush Removal
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North Texas Llamas are a collection of very colorful paint llamas (and guanacos) bred to clear brush while looking pretty out in the pasture.  Why spray brush and weeds with herbicides when you could have a pair of llamas browsing your pasture turning broad leaf plants into llama beans?


The Next Generation of North Texas Llamas

This very special herd of over 150 llamas, alpacas and guanacos reside on Jimmy Dickey's rotational grazing operation in Campbell, TX between Greenville & Sulphur Springs just off I-30 only 60 miles east of Dallas.  The herd has been utilized as companion animals alongside cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and humans.

We have a continual supply of llamas for sale. 
No matter what kind of llama you need, we specialize in having a
large selection from which you can choose.

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The Bradbury Family of Quitman, TX added this
pair of geldings to guard various kinds of livestock on their farm.

The Adams family of Fairfield, TX purchased
this gelding after newborn kid goats began disappearing.  

Owen Tanner picked out this gelding
to guard his San Saba, TX farm.

This llama made himself at home on his first
day at the Mahaffey farm in Newark, TX.

Judd McCreary DVM of the Greenville Animal Hospital surprised
his fellow Veterinarian & wife w/ this colorful suri-coated young male.

The Spivey's 11 year old daughter had always dreamed of
having a llama on their Cayuga, TX farm.  Well that dream
came true w/ this surprise llama alpaca cross halter-broke female.

The Ashcraft's children were quite surprised when a trailer
load of llamas & alpacas arrived at their Weatherford, TX farm.

All God's Children Day Care of Livingston, TX
now has a colorful pair of alpacas.

John Simmons of Cash, TX purchased several
llamas for his family including this colorful halter-broke male.

This colorful gelding is on call guarding newborn
calves for the McCarthy's of Denison, TX.

The Its Family of Blanco, TX purchased a halter-broke
gelding that immediately began bonding w/ the flock & trimming trees.

Keeley of Broken Bow, OK now owns a specially-marked
black alpaca w/ white stripes on its shoulders.

The Newton Family of Edgewood, TX bought several halter broke
females & then purchased this young stud to add spots for years to come.

Lucy Callewart of Kaufman, TX went into the llama business
w/ this special suri-coated male & a matching young female.

This little guy will be the featured llama
 at the Party Farm in Shreveport, LA.

The Womack Family hauled a pair of colorful
halter-broke females back to their Lubbock, TX farm.

Jerry Dixon purchased a pair of colorful
llamas for his Tulia, TX farm.

This very special young sire will be adding that gray color to
Roger Simmons' Wichita, KS llama herd.

The Brothers Family purchased a pair of llamas
to protect their sheep & peacocks on their Lone Oak, TX farm.

Joshua Kerr of Denison, TX bought this
colorful gelding to protect his goat herd.

We don't recommend this, but it worked for
Adolfo Campos of the Houston, TX area.

The Hubcap Ranch of Denton, TX
purchased a colorful breeding pair of llamas.

This little female just joined the LaRue Family
Petting Zoo near Hot Springs, AR.

The Pavlas Family of West, Texas recently 
purchased a pair of very colorful young llamas.

In less than 48 hours the Howard Family
of Tyler, TX had their new weanling llamas leading.

Diamond D Thoroughbreds of Lone Oak, TX
purchased this halter-broke gelding after a
dog ran a horse thru a fence.

Greg Horn, Owner of Fairlee Seed Company, 
purchased this halter-broke gelding to protect
sheep grazing on his Ball Clover fields.


If you're visiting the Coats' home in Nevada, TX, don't be
 surprised when Bob comes in to watch the Wendy Williams Show.

The Hanner's of Greenville, TX added this little guy to their farm.

Matt Devoss' family chose this unique gelding to 
guard their Grandview, TX goat herd.

Charlie Mason purchased this colorful young mom
to guard his San Angelo, TX flock of hair sheep.

Jerry Golden of Pine Bluff, AR purchased
this blue-eyed sire to run w/ his female llamas.

Lee Lewis of Mexia, TX bought this
young halter-broke sire to add color to his llama herd.

Tara Dearing added a lot of color to her
Baton Rouge, LA llama herd w/ the purchase of this young guy.

Alan Brown of Waxahachie, TX will be breeding this
young stud to some colorful young females.

Several colorful geldings have been purchased to guard
stock on the Maravillaso Encantado Ranch in Kosse, TX.

Carson & Barnes Circus of Hugo, OK recently
purchased a pair of colorful weanlings.

This trailer load of young exposed females recently
shipped to Jennifer J. of San Diego, CA.

This colorful male & a pair of females are now
clearing brush on the Long family farm in Graford, TX.

This expectant mom chose the top of this hill to begin
 guarding Paul Wyche's Tom Bean, TX fainting goat herd.

Rick Moore of Rio Hondo, TX purchased this gelding
 to replace a long-time family pet llama that recently passed.

The Sheets Family of Murchison, TX added a young
male to their herd of colorful females used to guard goats.

Thomas Gandy took this gelding back to 
guard his Pine Bluff, AR hair sheep flock.

The McAndrew Family traveled from Tomball, TX
to get a pair of very colorful geldings to guard their sheep.

This cria was recently born on Rosaura Catalina's
Santa Fe, TX farm out of some North Texas Llamas.

Jason Weldon bought llamas to run w/ his horses &
clear a heavily wooded hill in Bullard, TX.  

This tuxedo paint gelding now has a new Tyler, TX
home as he becomes friends w/ the Howell Family's older mare.

This colorful guy was one of several crias added to
Marsha's Exotic Petting Zoo of Houston, TX.

The Bellefeuille Family of Whitehouse, TX
now own this colorful little fellow.

Ranch Chalet of Terrell, TX started
their herd of llamas w/ lots of color.

The Hutchison Family purchased a pair
of weanlings to graze their property
on the banks of Lake Livingston north of Houston, TX

Scott Self purchased this exposed female to 
guard various animals on the family farm in Farmersville, TX.

This exposed female & a young male now
call the Rosegate Farm in Argyle, TX home.

John & Claudia Sheets of Murchison, TX
purchased a pair of halter-broke llamas for their grandsons.

The Towell Family added some
colorful llamas to their Boerne, TX farm.

The Depue Family of Lone Oak, TX purchased
this female & her two week old cria.

Dr. David Stone's family welcomed this colorful female that
was purchased to protect their new Justin, TX alpaca herd.

The Orsory Family of Krum, TX have entered
the llama business w/ a group of colorful
halter broke llamas.  

The Campbell Farm in Van, TX
 added this colorful sire to their herd of llamas
 used to protect exotic deer.

Marco of Lancaster, TX purchased this young Mom & 2 day old baby.

Tommy Thompson recently lost a llama that had lived
out his days on his McKinney, TX farm.  
This very colorful gelding has taken his place.

Liz Davis came looking for some very colorful llamas to
clear brush and guard goats on her Ennis, TX ranch.
She did pick out some nice ones.

The Barton Family of Slocum, TX purchased
this very special miniature weanling to run w/ their sheep.

The Truty and Downes families purchased a large herd
 of colorful llamas including this colorful herd sire to
clear brush in Whitesboro, TX.

This gelding is now guarding Angus calves on
Shirley Coates' Crockett, TX ranch.

Sabrina Debuck of McKinney, TX purchased a
pair of llamas after a coyote took a goat kid.

Chris Roberts now owns a pair of colorful llamas
on his farm in the middle of Waxahachie, TX.

Warren Atwater of Wolfe City, TX purchased this
colorful gelding to guard his registered Hereford cattle.

Glen McGuire added several colorful
females to his Taylor, TX llama herd.

The Barnhill Preserve of Baton Rouge, LA added
a couple more colorful North Texas crias to their farm.

Robbie Casteel of Graham, TX purchased a pair
of llamas including this halter-broke gelding to protect her animals.

Bentley Thomas' Tulsa, OK llama herd recently
received a new herd sire w/ lots of spots.

Roy Maul purchased this halter-broke Mom & another
weanling female to run w/ his Whitney, TX cattle herd.

The Clevenger Family of Avery, TX purchased this
halter-broke female to guard newborn registered calves.

The Hunter Family of Jacksboro, TX added this
colorful, halter-broke male to cross w/ their guanaco female.

Bill Hunt of Brownwood, TX now owns
this male & a colorful female.

Andre Guillaume purchased this gelding
to guard his Lafayette, LA hair sheep flock.

Elena Kaut of Poolville, TX asked for a very gentle llama to
guard her miniature Zebu cattle & goat herds.  
She got a very gentle gelding!

Rosemarie Redford of Sulphur Springs, TX purchased
this colorful gelding to guard her registered sheep.

Terri Bowman purchased this gelding for her Lone Oak, TX sheep.

Kaitlin Willett of San Antonio, TX named this
halter-broke gelding Franklin on their way to his new home.

Kamla Utz added more sparkle to her colorful Tyler, TX
herd w/ the addition of several halter-broke registered females.

This gelding & another just like him traveled to San Saba, TX
to begin guarding goats for Jay & Michelle Littlefield.

Dwight & Bobbie Jo Deatherage added several
more colorful, halter-broke females to their Lillian, TX herd.

The Lange Family of San Antonio, TX purchased
this colorful gelding to guard their Big Horn Sheep operation.

Russ Carroll hauled this registered, halter-broke
gelding back to Waco, TX to guard his goats.

The Shacklefords chose this freckle-faced gelding to
 guard their Tishomingo, OK goat herd.

Leon & Lucia Hernandez's granddaughter chose a
beautiful pair of llamas for their Spicewood, TX ranch.

The Fischer Family of Gunter, TX now owns
this weanling male to run w/ their animals.

Sharlene Hill of Sanger, TX purchased a pair
of colorful geldings for her farm.

The Suominen Family of Argyle, TX waited
several months for this gray-top female to be weaned.

The Moultons of Odessa, TX chose this beautiful
weanling female & a matching young male.

The Taylor Family of Terrell, TX purchased this
halter-broke gelding after losing a young goat to a coyote.

The Depue Family of Lone Oak, TX chose this
 super-friendly male & a young adult female to
 run w/ their miniature horses.

Alexis Sinclair came to the U.S. looking for breeding stock.  
This hand-selected group was chosen to travel to Miami, FL
before being loaded on a ship to the Republic of Panama.

Rocky McCann of Baton Rouge, LA came to Texas to buy
a small herd of colorful females & that is what he got.

The Barnhill Preserve purchased this weanling
for their Baton Rouge, LA petting zoo.

The Holbrook Family of Ada, OK purchased this
sire & a colorful female to begin their herd.

John & Karen Gonzalez's children chose a very colorful
pair of exposed females for their new farm near McKinney, TX.

Eclipse Entertainment of Arlington, TX purchased
a very colorful young pair of halter-broke llamas.

This little girl is now a part of the petting zoo featured by
MiMi's Pony Go Round of Kaufman, TX.

Radio Personality Fay Bagby purchased a small herd
to clear acreage in Argyle, TX.

Mickey & Susie Barker added some unique gray color to their
Sulphur Springs, TX herd w/ the purchase of this yearling stud.

Dwight & Bobbie Jo Deatherage of Lillian, TX came
looking for colorful two year old halter-broke females & they
picked out some nice ones.


The Traveling Farm of Memphis, TN added this young
female to their petting zoo & educational farm.

Dale Richey hauled a pair of llamas back deep into
sheep country 
to protect his Uvalde, TX flock.

The Suominen Family of Argyle, TX purchased this
llama to begin clearing brush & to guard goats.

This guanaco female was selected to guard
exotic animals on the heavily-wooded
Hunter Family Ranch near Jacksboro, TX.

Stan Mabrey recently took ownership of this
guanaco male to reside in Magnolia, AR.

The Gouedy Family carried these females home
to Ruston, LA to run w\ their young male llama.

Evan Strait purchased this colorful male 
to add color to his Brownwood, TX llama herd.

Ed Munce of Houston, TX purchased this
female and a colorful male to begin his herd.

Robin Vaughan purchased this little man
to run w\ a variety of other animals on her Rusk, TX farm.

Kevin Wallace's Nevada, TX boer goat herd
now has a gelded llama to protect them.

It was a tough decision, but Alan Utz of Tyler, TX convinced
us this llama needed to be his Wife Kamla's Christmas
present more than it needed to be our third stud.
This young man has it all!

Abigail's North Texas Llama female really "delivered"
this week w\ the birth of a 1/2 guanaco cria.

This colorful paint male & a female are now clearing
brush in Seguin, TX for William Buckner.

This young man and a young female became the beginning
of Jeff & Jeannie Mills' llama herd in Ardis Heights, TX.

Ross Mathison of Teague, TX purchased this
blue-eyed gelding to protect exotic deer and antelopes.
He went right to work!

Cary Wallace of Midlothian, TX purchased a pair of
colorful females & then headed home to surprise her male llama.

This is one of the colorful females purchased by
Tom Keene as he begins his herd in Chandler, TX.

These two geldings are now guarding Kathy Bentley's
hair sheep in Decatur, TX.

This young adult female is now guarding goats & producing
future crias for Aileen Dawson of Greenville, TX.

Tyger Schonholzer of Mineola, TX has enjoyed her
new llama Acapella so much she added Apollo.

This colorful fellow & a couple more will be trained to 
pack hunting gear into the mountains for Ray Grappe of Leveland, TX.

Renaissance Specialties of Colorado Springs, CO
purchased this registered female to join their menagerie
of animals traveling throughout the U.S.

Daughter Abigail picked out a beautiful group of llamas
to clear brush on Dr. Chris & Lisa Bristow's ranch in Fairfield, TX.

These colorful geldings now call the Acadian Oaks Farm
home after Mike Dartez of Centerville, TX purchased
them for his wife's birthday.

This halter-broken gelding is now guarding
goats & chickens in Royse City, TX for the Purvis Family.

This registered female & others were delivered to a
beautiful Comanche, TX place owned by Mr. & Mrs. James Dalby.

The sweetest llama I ever met now calls Celina, TX home as
he guards horses for Kristen Kuhns.

This colorful Mom & Daughter were chosen by
Robert Stubblefield of Shreveport, LA to be his Father's Day gift.

The Haubrich Family of Bonham, TX chose this black\white
gelding to guard their dairy goats at On Pure Ground Dairy.

This colorful gelding is now guarding hair sheep
for Don Hoover in Gainesville, TX.

Alan & Kamla Utz of Tyler, TX recently
purchased a very colorful 
starter herd.

This yearling male & a colorful female are now
clearing brush on the Cano Family Ranch in Celeste, TX.

The Evanko Family of Leonard, TX entered the
llama business in a colorful way w\ these females
purchased to guard goats & clear brush.

David Hood chose this male & a female to
guard sheep in Weatherford, TX.

This guanaco female's new home is the
Alex Stevens Estate in Hot Springs, AR.

The Schulz Family of Norman, OK selected this
young male & a female to begin their herd.

Lisa Whaley of Canton, TX added this tuxedo male weanling
to her group of petting zoo animals.  This fella was featured
at Dallas' Market Hall.

This unique llama was purchased by Laura Ortez to travel
w/ her string of circus animals throughout the southern U.S.

Dr. Wayne Burkhead added more North Texas color to his
Keene, TX herd with delivery of a trailer full of females like this one.

Scott Marster of Fairfield, TX purchased this
male to protect calves in a really nice herd of black cattle.

This young adult sire headed to Bill & Margie Easterwood's
place in Lone Oak, TX to add color to their herd.

Ronnie Ellison of Winnsboro, TX bought this sire to run with his
llamas along side a premier herd of Welsh Mountain Ponies.

Brian Mathews of College Station, TX added a lot
of color to his herd's gene pool w\ the addition of this herd sire.

A pair of 2 year old geldings headed to Hope, AR
this week to guard sheep & goats for Jesse Duckett.

Shannah Spurr of Pecan Gap, TX is the proud owner of a
colorful pair of young llamas to go w\ many other kinds of
animals that will soon call this farm home.

This intact male & a colorful matching female were selected
by the light of truck headlights about 2AM one morning before
being loaded on the trailer to cross the desert to Edgardo Tech's
sheep farm in Sacramento, CA.

This colorful gelding's new responsibilities will
 include guarding alpacas in Kellar, TX at the MCPACA Ranch.

Bill & Margie Easterwood of Lone Oak, TX now
have a pair of llamas running w\ their goats, cows & horses.

This colorful male is busy overseeing the females
on Mr. & Mrs. Pat Powell's farm in Denton, TX. 

This young female & others now call the
Powell Family Farm in Denton, TX home.
(This young female liked her new home so well she quickly dropped a cria for her new owners.)

Larry Cabala purchased this colorful female
to guard sheep in Ennis, TX.

Justin Roark bought this registered female
& several more to begin a herd in Caddo Mills, TX.

Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Burkhead recently purchased a very colorful
starter herd to protect various animals from coyotes on
their ranch in Keene, TX.

James and Son David Hunt of JD Hunt Trucking recently
bought several young females to start a colorful llama
herd near West, TX.

This female llama is now living on the Johnson Family Farm
in the Rockett Community near Waxahachie, TX.  
The weanling was purchased to replace an older llama
that lived out her days surrounded by hair sheep and horses.   

This 2 year old male and a 5 year old paint female are now 
owned by Jim Gray of Greenville, TX.

This is the crew that was there to welcome this 5 day old cria and his Mom 
to the Hartnett Farm in Hubbard, TX



Reasonably priced paint llamas currently available include breeding age studs and brood females.  Also available are gelded llamas for guard animals.  Our llamas sell from $150 to $350 each.  We don't consider llamas to be exotics and we don't price them like exotics! 

North Texas Llamas are "pasture fit" animals specifically bred to produce lots of color and be structurally sound.  We want llamas to be able to roam your pasture for 15 to 20 years without becoming crippled.  Our llamas are wormed twice/year.

You could burn a lot of gasoline trying to find llamas with this much color

We attempted to use both sheep & goats to clear brush and weeds from our grass farm, but with little success due to extraordinary fence requirements and coyotes.  

We then discovered that llamas were not the expensive creatures they had been in the past and that they love brush and weeds.  We immediately began experimenting with these animals we knew nothing about. 

Llamas on pasture are "easy keepers" requiring very little protein supplement and that being only for brood females in the winter.

Selecting a llama is kind of like buying luggage!  With a life span of 15-20 years, you're going to be looking at it for quite some time so you might as well get a colorful one.  

Llamas aren't some exotic species destine to drop in price leaving you with a bunch of expensive mouths to feed.  With today's stable market, these animals can be used in everyday pasture situations just as you would cattle, sheep & goats.  Every cow herd should have a pair of low-cost llamas browsing the tree line watching for coyotes & feral dogs. 

Llamas instinctively gather around newborns giving them time to adjust to the new world.  I've seen this happen with each birth I've witnessed.  

People often ask about their temperament? They possess the curious independence of cats and their gregarious nature make them easy to handle.  An experienced handler can easily move large or small groups of llamas from pasture to pasture on foot.  They have no smell and produce low to no odor manure placed in communal piles around the pasture.    

I'm completely comfortable sending my daughter into the middle of a herd of llamas with a bucket of feed.  That is something I don't let her do with our horses and cattle!  

Llamas ignoring my then 11 year old daughter

The myth about "spitting llamas" is exaggerated.  If a llama is spitting at you, you're probably handling them wrong or they're scared. 

****************************NEWS FLASH****************************
Lloch Ness Llama was recently spotted on the North Texas Llama Farm in Campbell, TX.  It appeared to be non-threatening and was easily caught with a little bit of grain.



Contact Jimmy Dickey at 903-461-1500 or to learn more about this special herd of camelids.


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Producing Lots of Color Ever Since

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