producing colorful llamas since 2003

This is very unusual!

People often ask, "How do you catch them?".  We just open the gate!

Where there's a will there's a way!-50lb. girl can pick up 35lb. llama

This Is How They Breed

(Dark female waiting patiently)

We always leave a valve open a bit during freezing weather.  Looks like we left it open a little too much. 

Always gather up your hay strings!

​These strings were found in the belly of a llama that died mysteriously.

Treats?-Mix sliced apples and/or carrots into their feed & then begin hand feeding

Notice How Closely This Mom & Daughter's Markings Match

Internet Myth-Llamas Can't Lick

Real World Truth-Something Licked Grooves in This Mineral Block

We Don't Recommend This, But We Have Loaded Llamas in Vehicles

Beware When Burning Brush Piles

Llamas love to roll in sand and ash piles.  We've had llamas roll up into the center of a burnt brush pile a couple of days later & find some still hot coals.​

Yeah this happens sometimes.

KING of the HILL

Our Goal is to Always Have a Large Selection From Which You Can Choose-If you're looking for red-white paint with a black neck & one blue eye, we might have one! 

Lamas have a low protein requirement, but do need a little supplement to their winter hay.  You can certainly feed products like All Stock, Sweet Feed or Horse & Mule.  We prefer to supplement their coastal hay w/ small amounts of alfalfa hay.  Llamas, alpacas & guanacos love alfalfa hay!

Llamas Have Low Protein Requirement-At NTX Llamas we supplement bermuda grass hay with  small amounts of alfalfa or grain during the winter.

Internet Myth-Llama's Soft Foot Pads Don't Leave Trails in Pastures

Real World Truth-Something Leaves Trails Throughout Our Pastures

Check out this double blue eyed herd sire.

Llamas Love Alfalfa!

Kissing Llamas

Natural Guard Animals

This has occurred with every North Texas Llama birth we have witnessed.  Mommas gather around to make sure the little one has plenty of time to get ready to take on the world.  See the little newborn there in the middle?


They make great pets & are considered "livestock" by the State of Texas in case you're looking for an agricultural exemption for your land.  Always check with your local appraisal district before purchasing livestock for this purpose.